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Who are we?

Long Island Cheer is the largest cheerleading training center on the island. We provide top notch training services to all athletes, ages and levels.
We believe in the athleticism of cheerleading and the benefits it brings to all athletes as they grow up to become amazing people. 

What do we do?

At Long Island Cheer, we train many aspects of cheerleading. We don't only teach the physical skills involved with cheerleading like stunts, jumps and tumbling, but also how to overcome adversity, build leadership skills, work as a team, and learn accountability.

Discipline, fitness, sportsmanship, and goal setting are part of the daily practice, all while building confidence. 
Cheerleading is more than the practices, games and competitions. It’s about developing skills to become the best version of yourself, and then surpassing it!

At Long Island Cheer we provide an atmosphere that is challenging, rewarding, comfortable, and positive. We welcome athletes of all ages and skills. We focus on providing consistent & high quality instruction by our certified and award winning instructors.

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